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Go Bananas!

If you always have some left-over bananas on the table, this new Lighthouse Banana Quickbread Mix has been made just for you. Lighthouse has developed a perfectly convenient Banana Bread recipe where all you need is add two of your old, ripe bananas, eggs and milk and give it a quick stir. There is no guess work and you will end up with the brilliant banana bread every time. This ALL NATURAL Lighthouse Quickbread has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It is an ideal after-school or lunch box snack that your kids will love. Available in Woolworths nationally and soon in an IGA near you. [...]

Every Flour Has Its Power

Deceptively simple and rarely thought of - flour is the key ingredient for perfect pastas, feather-light sponges and bread that rises to the heavens. A trade secret for many years, and known only to professional bakers and kitchens, special purpose flours are the secret ingredient to incredible cooking results. And now you can find these flours on supermarket shelves across Australia. [...]

Lighthouse Premium Bread Mixes

Lighthouse has recently launched a range of Premium 2 loaf Bread Mixes available in Coles stores nationally and Woolworths stores in Western Australia. The range of Premium Bead Mixes can be made using a bread machine in 3 easy steps or, for the more adventurous, can be prepared by hand and baked in the oven. The bread mixes are all preservative free and made using only the purest ingredients and premium bread flour. [...]