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Every Flour Has Its Power

Just in case there is any doubt - not all flour is created equal.

Deceptively simple and rarely thought of - flour is the key ingredient for perfect pastas, feather-light sponges and bread that rises to the heavens. A trade secret for many years, and known only to professional bakers and kitchens, special purpose flours are the secret ingredient to incredible cooking results. And now you can find these flours on supermarket shelves across Australia.

Anchor's Special Purpose Flours are created through careful selection of wheat varieties, combined with blending and milling techniques that create a natural colour, flavour and texture, designed to deliver superior results every time. Lighter and brighter cooking and baking is acheived through the qualities of premium wheat selection and triple sifting, which results in flour with improved flavour, nutrition, colour and texture.

Pasta and noodles require extra fine and bright qualities; cake, biscuits and pastry need a soft flour to absorb more moisture and sugar giving a softer, lighter texture; while bread and pizza bases need a higher protein flour to create dough with greater elasticity to improve proving (rising stage), resulting in a larger volume and lighter texture.

Australia's first complete range of special purpose flours are now available throughout Australia, delivering to home kitchens the superior results previously only available to proffesionals.