Our Brands


In 1865, Scottish born entrepreneur Robert Harper at just 23, established a colonial trading company in his own name. Importing flour, tea, and spices he chose the Lighthouse symbol as a metaphor for guidance and trust so that the most demanding cooks could be rewarded with the finest results from using pure and trusted ingredients.

Trusted by generations of cooks, the Lighthouse brand has stayed true to its heritage of providing only pure ingredients and expert knowledge proudly bringing you special purpose flours and baking products that deliver guaranteed results.



In 1854 enterprising brothers, David and James Fowler arrived by steamship from Scotland with tea and flour supplies. Trading from a modest store and choosing the Lion brand to represent the finest groceries, the business quickly gained a first class reputation and expanded across Australia.

The Lion brand has always provided the finest quality ingredients and recipes that consistently deliver delicious cooking results. Lion brand understands that traditional baking takes time so to make things easier for the home baker, the Lion base mixes has been specially developed to ensure the best baking results.



The Spencers story began when Anglo-Indian born, Spencer Ingleton began the search for the most authentic herbs and spices.

Spencer travelled to the four corners of the globe to find the source of genuine flavours for cooks who wanted the real deal. These cooks are heavy users of herbs and spices, they like buying ingredients, enjoy the act of blending flavours and preparing dishes from around the world. In their cooking, they aim to be authentic, knowing the satisfaction of achieving the true flavour of a particular dish.

The food adventure is all about the endless search for the world of authentic flavours.