Anchor Foods Heritage
Anchor Foods Story

The Anchor Foods story began in 1854 when an enterprising young mariner and merchant from the Shetland Isles, Gilbert Wood, took possession of an unpaid cargo.

Where others would have seen ruin, he saw opportunity and with great initiative, on-sold the groceries to recover debts.

Opting to leave his life on the high seas, Gilbert started his own grocery store and chose the sign of the Anchor as its symbol. From humble beginnings, the company prospered and quickly gained the reputation of being a first class supplier of quality grocery foods across Australia.

Australian Icon

For well over 100 years the port city of Fremantle has been the home of Anchor Foods. Australians have grown up with Anchor Foods products. The business is one of Australia's oldest grocery food companies and is a pantry icon representing a significant piece of Australia's history. Anchor Foods portfolio of brands include household names like Lighthouse, Lion and Spencers Spices.

Global Outlook

Anchor Foods exports continue to grow, with our Australian-grown and produced flour, oats, muesli and pancake ranges being shipped to new markets in Asia.


Anchor Foods is guided by its following values that bring delight to its consumers.

  • Innovation
  • Speed
  • BRC Quality
  • Real Value
  • Relationships with Integrity